Residents Frustrated with Repeated Flooding at Irving Apartment

It's been a rough 24-hours for quite a few people throughout the metroplex due to persistent rain and widespread flooding.

Chris Christian's apartment had essentially become a wading pool overnight.

"She got up and she said 'Chris water's coming in.' And by the time I got out of bed in here it was above our ankles," he said.

And once the water receded, a soggy mess was left behind. The problems, he said, are piping and draining issues near his unit at the Estrada Oaks apartments in Irving.

"When I was here last night trying to dig out the leaves and open this up I was in water up to my waist," said Christian.

Nature forced its way into his apartment and all three of his first-floor neighbors.

Next door, Yvette Rhodes spent hours sweeping, mopping and scrubbing, only to watch rain start to come down again.

"I'm terrified of this door. It buckled on the bottom, that's where the water came in last night. If I get another downpour I'm going to have the same situation," said Rhodes.

They said this isn't the first time. In fact, Christian said he's come to expect the problem.

"This is the sixth time in three years," he said.

They tell us apartment management sent crews to suck out the water, but no immediate plans have been made to relocate.

For now they're watching the skies and making desperate attempts to salvage what they can.

"We cleaned up all the leaves and dirt and branches that were floating in here."

NBC 5 placed a call to the apartment office this afternoon for a response. We've not heard back.

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