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Residents clean up large hail damage across North Texas

From Denton to Dallas and Frisco to Farmersville, the damage is widespread

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People are still cleaning up the aftermath of massive hail that fell across parts of North Texas.

From Denton to Dallas and Frisco to Farmersville, the damage is widespread. The shredded leaves are a telltale sign of where large hail occurred.

“It was very scary. Very scary. You could just hear things breaking all over the place and that’s the second time in my life I’ve ever been in a hail storm that big,” said Montie Upchurch, whose home was damaged by hail.

Neighbors at Rocky Point Mobile Home Park in Flower Mound are dealing with dented cars, broken windshields, and broken windows on their homes. They believe the hail was as big as tennis balls.

“It came up and hit the window – and my nose was about this far from the window,” said Gary Bitsko, holding his hand right up to his nose. “That’s when I shut the door.”

He had two windows damaged in the storm. His neighbor Upchurch also had three windows smashed by the stones.

Upchurch said he worries about how families will cover the costs of the widespread damage.

“I’m not going to be able to fix my truck, I just have no money. This is a pretty poor neighborhood. Luckily, I think my landlord is going to come fix the windows,” he said.

Elsewhere, large hail was reported in places like Argyle, Bartonville and other parts of Denton County.

We saw auto glass repair teams replacing windshields and roofers sending drones up to inspect damage across the area.

Your pictures of large hail in Sunday evening storms, June 11, 2023


Neighborhoods in Collin County and further east were also hit.

“I feel sorry for a lot of the homeowners in North Texas, I feel like especially in the Frisco, McKinney, Allen corridor. We just keep getting hit every year. Over and over, back to back,” said Jason Hamilton, co-owner of Major League Roofing in Frisco.

Hamilton was on the move throughout Monday responding to calls.

“Some of my customers have contacted me today. We just put a roof on them, you know, six months ago,” he said. “I just got off a roof in Farmersville. It was totaled, every slope was totaled.”

If your neighborhood experienced large hail but you don’t see any obvious damage on your roof, experts say you might want to get an inspection. Even if the shingles are intact, markings that look like this are an indicator of further damage underneath the shingles on the fiberglass and other material that could lead to a leaky roof down the line.

“It's very important to have a have a roofing company inspect your roof and really try to find honest guys,” said Hamilton. “And that's important. You want to be honest with your customers, you don't want to have them file a claim when they don't need to and if they do need to, then you need to kind of help them through that process.”

Hamilton also recommends talking to your home insurance. Make sure your deductible isn’t too high.

"I would say the number one thing that's important is to check your percentage of your policy. If you have a deductible, you want to make sure that it's at 1% or lower, because that's the portion of the claim that the homeowner is actually responsible to pay out of their own pocket. A lot of folks choose a two or a 3% deductible and then they have a catastrophic event. It doesn't take too long to figure out that math," he said.

The type of insurance you have also matters.

"Make sure you have what's called an RCV policy, not an ACV policy. What that's going to do is that's going to allow you to restore your home back to its original condition. An ACV policy is only going to pay out a depreciated amount over time,” Hamilton said.

 If you have damage, keep in mind that roofing repairs and replacements are expensive.

“All of our pricing in roofing is really based off of the oil price,” said Hamilton. “It's an asphalt-based product. And so as the price of oil goes up, the price of material goes up, I would say an average home in the metroplex on a roof is going to run between $20,000 and $50,000. It really depends on the size.”

While the cleanup continues, residents know it’s just another season of living with hail in North Texas.

“Nobody got hurt though, that’s what’s important,” said Upchurch.

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