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Resident Survey Hopes to Help Shape Fort Worth's Identity

Part of the survey focuses on what the city should be known for.

Fort Worth is a city looking to find its future identity. It’s steeped in history, but with aspirations of being a major player in the North Texas big business boom.

For months leaders have worked on the perfect plan to pitch the city to companies, new residents and visitors. Now, leaders are opening the door to suggestions from residents in a citywide online survey that could help shape the future of Fort Worth.

“Fort Worth is so diverse that everybody has their own experiences. Everyone has their own story. That’s kind of what the survey is about,” said Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce President John Hernandez said. “Tell me about your Fort Worth. Tell me about your story. The hope is we’ll gather all that and we’ll have a much better message on how we describe Fort Worth both inside and outside of the city.”

Part of the survey focuses on what the city should be known for.

Choices include:

-Fort Worth’s eclectic mix of cultures

-Fort Worth is the geographical center of the United States

-Pioneering spirit

-Cowboy culture

-Culture and arts

-Great business environment (home to Lockheed Martin, American Airlines and Bell)

“That’s what we want the world to see. That, yes, we are cowboys and culture, but we will suit up and do some business,” Hernandez said.

You can find the survey HERE.

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