Homeowner Shoots, Kills Armed Intruder

A grand jury will decide if a homeowner had the right to shoot and kill an armed man trying to break into a home in North Dallas Wednesday night.

The shooting happened in the 7700 block of McCallum Boulevard in North Dallas around 8:30 p.m.

Police say the intruder tried to break into the third floor apartment at McCallum Corners armed with a handgun. 

Investigators say the 36-year-old man from Denton was shot and killed by the homeowner on the spot during the home invasion. 

The intruder had several gunshot wounds to his upper body.

Officers seized marijuana, cash, and a semi-automatic pistol from the apartment.

Police say the intruder had an accomplice who got away when gunshots rang out.

Under Texas law, the Castle Doctrine typically sides with the homeowner. The law states that a person’s home is their castle and has the right to defend themselves from criminal intruders.

Lawmakers say it presumes that use of force is reasonable and necessary when someone is illegally entering or trying to get into an occupied home, car, or workplace to commit a crime.

A homeowner can still be charged if police discover the killing wasn’t truly self-defense.

We do not know if there is any connection between the intruder and resident.

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