Researcher Eagerly Awaits New Info in JFK Assassination File

When it comes to studying the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, North Texas researcher Dave Perry has seen and read nearly everything.

"Within the research community, people know who I am," he said.

His interest began in the late 1970s. As conspiracy theories swirled, the retired insurance claims investigator went searching for the truth.

"My problem is I can't get Oswald out of the sixth floor window. That's the problem," he said.

Perry filed and re-filed requests with the government. Eventually he got a hold of top-secret documents.

"As time has gone by, some of those same documents have come out with the redactions removed," he explained.

Things are done differently now, and the government typically releases that information in batches. The last one came out nearly four months ago, and Perry is still working his way through those files.

"Part one is four zip files. So you have to be able to unzip the files and then you find hundreds of pages under each of the four. Then right after that they dropped 18 more zip files," he said. "What most people don't understand is when the government does one of these dumps, there are hundreds and hundreds of pages that come out."

The final release of documents on the JFK assassination is expected Thursday.

"What we're looking for more than anything is some personnel files, on individuals, CIA operatives. They're really the majority of the material that the CIA has been suppressing. It will tell us how much the CIA actually knew," Perry said.

If you're betting on something super scandalous, Perry says you may be disappointed.

"For the average individual, there's going to be no smoking gun," he said.

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