Rescued Dog “Scooter” Needs New Home

A rescued, and badly injured, Chihuahua-terrier mix now being rehabilitated is in need of a forever home.

Two months ago a woman noticed the injured dog off Davis Street in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas.

She contacted a woman who rescues dogs on Facebook, who took Scooter to the vet. Scooter was extremely malnourished, had flees, worms and even worse, had lost most of the feeling and movement in his back legs.

The vet recommended Scooter be put down. But the woman, along with several friends, refused for that to happen.

“He was bad. Didn’t know if he was going to make it. Didn’t know if he was going to live,” said Jessica Faiferlick, who’s been fostering Scooter.

Faiferlick said she’s been working with Scooter every day, helping him to regain the use of his bladder and gain strength in his back legs.

"He has the will to survive. And there's hope! We got him on some medications, some antibiotics, did some X-rays.Nothing is broken, thankfully, which is a miracle!”

She said Scooter now has the energy of a regular puppy and constantly wants to play with her other dogs, even her nine month old daughter.

Faiferlick said the small dog is very mobile and knows how to scoot around the house, and is learning to use a dog wheelchair that was donated to him.

“It’s slow, but he is showing improvement on that. He can almost stand up on one leg. And he fights me sometimes and pulls his leg back. He's improving so much so it's so worth it,” she said.

Faiferlick has to go back to work soon. She, along with the woman who rescued Scooter, have been able to line up a foster home for another two weeks, but after that Scooter needs another foster home or temporary family to live with.

She said the biggest thing right now is Scooter needs help to use the restroom every two hours, but that will get better over time.

“To me animals are family and I can't imagine not loving them. I feel everyone should feel that way,” she said.

Anyone who is interested in fostering Scooter or can provide him with a forever home should contact Marina@instafoster.com.

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