Rescue Group Saves Abandoned Dogs Found in Fort Worth Bathroom

Two abandoned and starving dogs found in a Fort Worth park are the latest examples of what has become a growing problem, according to an animal rescue group.

The Abandoned Ones, a Tarrant County rescue organization, has helped to recover an estimated 200 dogs in recent years in the area of Echo Park, between E. Berry Street and E. Seminary Drive and just east of Interstate 35W.

Many of the animals show evidence of dog fighting, according to Judy Obregon, the group's founder.

There have also been many dead dogs recovered in the area. Some dogs found in garbage bags and others just dumped near the park, Obregon said.

A video posted on YouTube [shown below] shows Obregon finding two Chihuahuas inside a public bathroom building at Echo Park Saturday night. 

"We did a video of the rescue to show everybody basically this is what we do. This is what's always left here every weekend," Obregon said. "And you could tell they were so scared. And one of them, which is the black one, she's not doing too good. But we'll get her there because that's what we do."

Both of the Chihuahuas appeared to be covered in ant bites and one of them had suffered a serious cut, Obregon said.

The dogs will be taken to see a veterinarian this week, Obregon said. They are currently living with a foster family, but will one day be made available for adoption.

Fort Worth police were not able to comment Monday night about the reported problem at Echo Park.

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