Republican Runoff for the Seat Held by Rep. Joe Barton

The field has gone from 11 to 2 in the Republican race for Congressional District 6.

Ron Wright and Jake Ellzey are in the Republican runoff. The seat became open after U.S. Rep. Joe Barton decided to retire after holding the seat since 1985.

Wright, the former Tarrant County Tax Assessor Collector, received 45 percent of the vote.

“I'm the experienced candidate. Most of my life has been in the private sector, but I have years of community service, going back to the 1980's,” said Wright, adding, “The learning curve for a new congressman is significant, and my learning curve will be much shorter.”

Wright points to his time in Washington as Chief of State and District Director for Barton. Wright was also on Arlington City Council and was the Tarrant County Tax Assessor/Collector.

He is running on a conservative agenda.

“I want to protect life. I want to protect freedom. That is always the biggest goal to protect freedom. Not just from the outside but also the inside. Keeping people, keeping the government from being irresponsible,” said Wright.

Jake Ellzey received almost 22 percent of the vote. This is his second time running for office. In 2014, he ran for State Representative in Ellis County.

“This is a calling and a duty for me, and I am doing this unselfishly. I have a phenomenal job flying for an airline. I have a wonderful wife who I love and two children whom I adore. And this is going to be a sacrifice for us but I think it is a sacrifice that I am willing to make," said Ellzey.

Ellzey is a Navy veteran and believes there are too few veterans in Congress. He believes that veterans are mission oriented, which will help get things done in Washington.

“We have to protect our border. We have to follow the laws. We have to get our budget under control, cut down on the debt, and restore our military because we have been fighting for 16 years. And finally, take care of our veterans,” added Ellzey.

There is a runoff on the Democratic side of this race as well. Ruby Faye Woolridge and Jana Lynne Sanchez are the candidates.

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