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Republican Congressional Baseball Team Returns to Field After Shooting Last Year

The Republican Congressional Baseball team was back on the field Wednesday, for the first practice of the season. They returned to Eugene Simpson field, where a shooter opened fire last June.

Republican Representative Steve Scalise, and legislative aide Zach Barth were both shot. Scalise, who is still recovering from his injuries, had a planned surgery last week, and was not there Wednesday morning. Barth was able to attend.

Barth is a staff member for Fort Worth Congressman Roger Williams. He was shot in the leg, but recovered quickly, and was able to make it to the game the next night last June.

“I have found peace with it, and I make sense of it all through my faith,” said Barth.

Rep. Roger Williams if Austin is coaching the team this year. “It is a new season. That is what is great about baseball, is that there is always a new season,” said Williams.

The congressional baseball game is something players look forward to. It is a night when partisanship takes a backseat to a game for charity, and bragging rights, but this team has connected in a different way.

“We all share this bond from what happened in June last year,” said Williams.

This was Williams first trip back to the field.

“I have already found myself looking where I was during the shooting and remembering who I was with and so forth, but we are ready to get going,” added Williams.

Ennis Representative Joe Barton had his two sons with him last year during the practice. He is managing the team again this year.

"I think it is important, it is important to the country to show that congress is not going to be intimidated," said Barton.

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