Report: Cop Told Suspect to Take Stun Gun “Like a Man”

Officer says fellow cops took things too far during arrest

Less than a week after dashboard camera footage of a traffic stop grabbed national headlines, Dallas police are now investigating a new scandal involving officers and video from a Dallas squad car.

Dallas police confirmed Tuesday that two high-ranking officers have been reassigned and others may face criminal charges in connection with an arrest captured by the dash-cam.

Early in the morning of March 20, Dallas police pulled over three men suspected in a hit-and-run in downtown Dallas. An officer on the scene said his fellow officers took it too far during the arrest.

"The important thing is that one of our own officers brought this to our attention, and we are investigating it as a result," Lt. Andrew Harvey said.

According to a police report, Eric Delagarza was combative as officers tried to put him in the back of a squad car. The report goes on to say Senior Cpl. Armando Dominguez shocked Delagarza multiple times with a stun gun.

The department is looking into how the weapon was used and what was said. An officer reportedly told Delagarza to "take it like a man," according to the police report.

Dallas police have not released the video, saying it may have to be used as evidence in an excessive-force investigation.

"Right now we are reviewing the tape to be sure that a criminal offense has not occurred," Harvey said.

Two sergeants, Elsa Martinez and Elliott Forge, who were supervising the scene, have been taken off the streets while police investigate.

"We want to make sure we protect the integrity of the police department, and it is in the best interest of the city to conduct an internal and a criminal investigation," Harvey said.

Delagarza, who is out of jail, has been charged with assaulting an officer and evading arrest.

He said he has been instructed by his attorney to not comment on the case.

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