Collin County

Repairs Continue One Year After Collin County Hailstorms

Extensive damage remains from severe hailstorms that ripped through Collin County last spring.

“It’s a little scary, coming to the spring season of storms,” said Jennifer Brokaw of Wylie, whose home was badly damaged in the April 11 storm.

She got a new roof, but repairs came to a halt after her out-of-state insurance company stopped paying for them.

“After you pay insurance policies, or premiums, you think everything will be taken care of in a timely fashion, and it has not.” said Brokaw.

Many other homes in Wylie are still waiting to be repaired.

“You never know about the next storm, what will it bring,” said Brokaw.

Auto body shops remain busy repairing hail damaged vehicles a year after the first hailstorm March 23, 2016.

“The next day we were already booked out for 8 months,” said Fly Scheel of J&B Paint and Body, “then two weeks later the big hail storm hit, and we’re still booked out now for another month and a half or two months and we stay that booked out”.

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