Repair on HVAC System Didn't Fix The Problem, NBC 5 Responds

NBC 5 Responds to help a couple get their money back

It was 112 degrees outside and not much cooler inside Will and Sarah Freaney's home earlier this summer when their air conditioner stopped working.

"Will was outside and I went out and I said, "The AC, I think it's struggling." and he said, "Well it's probably just working to keep up." recalled Sarah Freaney.

Hours later the air coming from the vents in the home was still warm.

"So I went back out front and I said, "Uh, you're gonna have to come check this out."

Newly married, Will was quickly learning his new wife is always right.

"It was a very loud humming noise you could tell something was wrong," said Will.

They called several companies - needing emergency help late on a Saturday night. King Air Conditioning & Heat stepped up and came right out.

"He looked very professional, came in the back and he looked at it and goes, "We turned it on, it's gotta be the fan, we've been replacing those all week," said Will.

They paid $980, happy to get some cooler air blowing in the home but a half hour later the cool air still hadn’t come.

King Air sent a service tech back out that same night. He told them the unit needed more time to cool the house.

But that never happened. Will and Sarah called again the next day.

This time a supervisor came out and told them the new parts installed weren't needed. The whole unit, inside and out, needed to be replaced.

"Well what about the money I already gave you for the parts, you know these are brand new parts that we thought was going to fix?" asked Will.

He was told they would subtract the money he already paid from the price of a new unit.

Even with the discount, Will and Sarah said they got a better price with a different company.

They hired the new company, but still asked King Air for a refund for the parts they paid for and didn't need.

King Air agreed to give the couple a $350 refund for the service call but nothing more.

They called NBC 5 Responds and we got the problem solved.

The general manager apologized to Will and Sarah saying the issue was not properly escalated within the company. He told us, "We always do what's right to take care of our clients no matter what."

He approved a full refund, putting the cash back in the newlyweds hands.

Remember if you get repairs done, especially on an older device, ask what happens if the repair doesn’t fix the problem and what credits or refunds you’re entitled to receive.

If you don’t feel like you’re getting heard don’t be afraid to ask for a general manager or an owner to make sure you’re talking to the right person.

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