US Rep. Ron Wright Continues Washington Fight Through Cancer Diagnosis

U.S. Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX 6th District) vows to continue his fight in Washington and not be defined by his fight with lung cancer.

A former smoker, Wright has been undergoing treatments since September 2018 though he only publicly revealed his diagnosis last week.

In a conversation at NBC 5's Fort Worth studios Monday, Wright said his cancer was found during a routine physical and that he previously showed no symptoms of the disease.

The treatments, Wright said, are working.

"I am not going to sugar coat it. I wouldn't wish the treatments on anybody, but they worked, and by the grace of God it is now, the tumor in my lung is about the size of a raisin and we are doing some radiation now," Wright said. "We will continue to do some chemo and immunotherapy afterwards to make sure we get it all, but the prognosis is good."

Wright continued to travel back and forth to Washington throughout his treatments, and only missed one week.

"There are two things that have really gotten me through this. One is my faith in God. The other, because there have been a lot of days, Julie, I know God picked me up and carried me because I didn't have the energy to do what I did. But I did it and did it well. I have been very effective," Wright said. "The other thing is, I made the decision early on that I was not going to allow this disease to define me."

Wright is running for re-election and said they are not slowing down.

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