North Texas

Rental Car Dos and Don'ts

It's something a lot of people have some hesitancy about: car rentals.

It just seems like you're never really sure what you're going to get charged or where to get the best deals. There are a few points you need to know before signing on the dotted line.

If you're flying into a city, skip the rentals at the airport.

Instead, rent somewhere in the city. You can sometimes get prices up to 50 percent cheaper.

Always always always - take pictures.

Before you take the vehicle off the lot, document what it looks like: any scratches, dings, or significant damage. If the rental place missed something done by a previous driver, you can prove it wasn't you.

Something you may not think about are tolls.

Make sure the company is clear about how they bill electronic tolls and when you can expect a bill. This should be in writing.

Sometimes, you may have to pay for the cars' built-in transponder along with the tolls you rack up. That can add more fees to your car rental. If you don't ask about when you can expect those bills, you may end up with a late one and the responsibility to pay it will be all yours.

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