Fort Worth

Renovations and 10-Year Lease Deal Could Bring Baseball Back to LaGrave Field

A lease deal made between the Tarrant Regional Water District and 'The Save LaGrave Field Foundation' could bring minor-league baseball back to Fort Worth.

The non-profit foundation agreed to pay the TRWD $1.75 million dollars up-front for a 10-year lease of the field. Monthly payments after the 10-years expires will be $14,500.

The foundation also agreed to spend $1.5 million on improvements to LaGrave Field over the next 18 months. The group will then spend another $1.5 million in the year and a half after that. The work will restore the 4,100 seat stadium.

The foundation is also required to secure a minor league team that will play at least 45 regular season games in a league similar to the one in which the Fort Worth Cats played.

A game has not been hosted inside LaGrave field since 2014.

Save LaGrave Field will be responsible to pay for all cost associated with the stadium, including upkeep, insurance, utilities and taxes.

Save LaGrave Field will also conduct at least 75 events every year at the stadium for other events, such as amateur sporting events, or civic or promotional activities.

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