Renovated Street to Be Unlike Any Other in Dallas

Dallas city leaders Monday saw the latest plans for reconstructing Riverfront Boulevard.

The street formerly known as Industrial Boulevard is currently known for bail bond businesses and liquor stores. But City Council members envision a widened street as a new front for downtown, connecting with proposed Trinity River project parks in the riverbed.

The reconstructed boulevard would feature wide sidewalks, bike lanes, perhaps a street car and hopefully stunning new development on vacant land along the street.

"The private sector is what’s going to create the property values, what’s going to create the jobs, what’s going to create the additional excitement," said Dave Neumann, chair of the City Council Trinity River Committee. "What we’re trying to do is put the template in."

Some council members said they are concerned developers are not included in the street plan.

"We’re going to put $54 million on the street, and we don’t have a developer at the table," said Councilman Steve Salazar.

Neumann said he is convinced the developers will be attracted to the new street and that they will be involved in the planning process.

"We’re stepping up with leadership and saying we can develop streets for our future that balance these needs, balance the needs of transportation with residential and commercial buildings and businesses and also pedestrians," he said.

City Hall will host a public meeting for input on the project 6:30 p.m. on May 10.


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