Remembering the “White Russian”

Fellow officers pay tribute to officer killed in line of duty

Senior Cpl. Norman Smith's fellow officers came to police headquarters Wednesday to pay tribute to the man affectionately known on the streets as the "White Russian."

Police parked Smith's cruiser outside police headquarters in tribute to his dedication. The patrol vehicle will be parked in front of police headquarters until Friday.

Chief David Kunkle described Smith as "invincible."

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Smith's longtime partners said he was giant man with a giant heart.

"Norm had a big heart, like the Grinch, who's heart grew and grew and grew -- that's the size of the heart that Norm had," Detective Leroy Quigg said.

Officers said Smith was known to play basketball with the kids in the neighborhoods he often patrolled looking for gang members.

They said his wife and two teenage children were the only thing he loved more than his job. His wife, Lt. Regina Smith, is also a Dallas police officer.

His fellow officers say Smith was one of the few officers who was well-respected not only within the department, but also on the streets.

"He was our leader," Senior Cpl. Robert Munoz said. "I have been in the gang unit for 14 years, and a lot of us looked up to Norm because he displayed that leadership."

Wednesday would have marked Smith's 18th year anniversary with the Dallas Police Department.

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