Relief Supplies On the Way to Tornado Victims

World Vision is sending relief supplies from North Texas to several states affected by the deadly tornadoes

Help is on the way from North Texas to many communities affected by the deadly tornadoes. Workers at World Vision have been collecting relief supplies, including blankets and soap, which will be shipped to a number of states in the coming days.

Frank Perry is just one member of the World Vision team who has been volunteering to help during times of disasters. Perry said he has been helping for years. "It is a total total different impact of what people actually see on the television because you're actually feeling their emotions," said Perry. "You feel the heartache and the pain that they're going through. Then you see the happiness to know that they have somebody out there that is willing to help them."

Perry is a supply chain coordinator with World Vision in Grand Prairie. He said this particular event is so widespread that it's poising new challenges. "We're used to it just being in one state and one state only, so right now we're thinking strategically how we're going to respond with it being seven states," he said.

Three shipments of supplies will be made by the end of this week. The items will be shipped to Alabama, Arkansas, and North Carolina. Site manager Gilbert Young said they start at the point of impact where the need is the greatest. "We know that we can impact some folks immediately, especially children on the ground, who can get some food, get covered up in a blanket immediately," he said.

The relief kits include essential projects including blankets, clothes, food, hygiene kits, and water.

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