Relief Coming for Rush Hour on U.S. Highway 75

Drivers stuck in rush hour traffic along U.S. Highway 75 in Dallas and Collin counties may soon get some relief.

"We've been talking about getting rid of the pylons and updating the HOV system on [U.S.] 75 for some time," said Michael Morris, director of transportation at the North Central Texas Council of Governments.

Regional transportation leaders are planning to remove the HOV lanes between the Dallas High Five and Allen to let drivers use the newly created inside shoulders during rush hour traffic.

"They'll be able to use that HOV lane as a shoulder again, meaning they could use it as peak hour lanes," said Michelle Releford, with the Dallas District of the Texas Department of Transportation.

Peak hour lanes are a big success along Texas 161 in Irving, where since the middle of September, rush hour drivers have been to drive on the inside shoulders between Texas 114 and Texas 183.

They're working so well, the peak hour lanes on 161 are here to stay.

"It's really alleviating a lot of problems with the congestion," said Joe Prokop, with Pro-Tow Wrecker Service.

If all goes well, the HOV lanes between the Dallas High Five and Allen would go away, the plastic pylons there would be pulled up and the lanes would be replaced with left shoulders that drivers could use during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

Unlike those along 161, the peak hour lanes along U.S. 75 could also be opened at other times to relieve congestion.

"If there was an accident, to be able to open those lanes so that traffic could get around, that would be very important," said Releford.

The plans are still being developed, and it may be the early part of 2017 before the peak hour lanes along 75 are ready for drivers.

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