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Relaunched shared scooter program in Dallas brings complaints

The Dallas Transportation and Infrastructure Committee addressed the shared scooter issues in a meeting on Monday.

Shared scooters and e-bikes were relaunched in Dallas in May 2023, but three months later several complaints have been reported.

The Dallas Transportation and Infrastructure Committee held a review of the program on Monday to address the new issues.

Dallas has received more than 1,200 scooter-related complaints to its 311 non-emergency line. Most complaints were reported in Uptown and Deep Ellum, according to city online data.

Dallas Transportation Department Director Gus Khankarli and transportation chief planner Kathryn Rush told City Council members that complaints from groups like Downtown Dallas Inc. reported that it was difficult to find scooters to ride. A relocation of scooters to the central business district would better distribute the vehicles around the city.

This would not increase the number of scooters around Dallas, which city council members were concerned about.

The Dallas Transportation Department has been working closely with scooter providers to ensure that the program does not have the same issues as in the past, such as abundance of the vehicles in certain areas.

They also addressed that several parking corrals would need to be placed around the city to manage scooter placement.

Part of the program is looking at the demand for scooters and e-bikes around the city.

Scooter ridership has dropped from 3,250 rides a day, when the program opened, to 1,000 rides a day in August, according to Khankarli and Rush. They accredited the drop in ridership to the extreme heat in North Texas throughout the summer months.

Another issue Dallas faced in the past was riders taking the vehicles out for "joyrides."

Khankarli and Rush’s research found that ride zones and hours of operations had decreased “joyriding.” The scooters will slow and come to a stop if someone is riding them outside of the ride zone or hours of operation.

The Dallas Transportation Department wants to continue to review the program every three months to ensure that improvements are made, and the program can continue.

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