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Regal Row Street Racers Captured on Camera in Dallas

Squealing tires, revved up engines -- the sounds of street racing on Regal Row have been driving some crazy for years.

"They still doing they thing though. I don't think it's gonna stop," said Ricky Ballard, an employee at nearby Allied Interiors.

New video, captured overnight, shows the cars and trucks in action near Irving Boulevard. Employees at Allied Interiors often get a front row seat.

"They take off right here and they go to the bridge. Once they get to the bridge, the first one to the bridge is the winner," Ballard said.

He used to work security, protecting the lot. Ballard has seen racers as young as 16.

"There has been some danger out here, a crash before. Yeah, I worry about their safety," he said.

His boss worries about his business. About a year ago he tried to stop them.

"He put in speed bumps, it didn't slow them down. So now the challenge is to do a donut in between them," said Kaye Dobiyanski, who also works at Allied Interiors.

She grew up around street racing. Until recently, her son participated.

"Scared me to death, it did. But I had come out here and actually watched him and they're actually very safe about it," Dobiyanski said.

The Dallas Police Department said it's aware. The Northwest Patrol Division has a task force and its officers have issued tickets, but stopping drivers in their tracks can be tough.

"When they come out here, the guys run and they go in twenty different directions and there's usually close to 100, 200 people out here," Dobiyanski said.

She'd like to see officers take a new approach to somehow bring both sides together. She believes building a track on this side of town could also be a deterrent. She said racers would go there instead.

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