Reese Witherspoon Opens Store in Highland Park Village

Oscar-winning actress Reese Witherspoon is bringing her star power and her fashion sense to North Texas.

Witherspoon chose Highland Park Village as the site of her second Draper James lifestyle and fashion store, and she visited this week to help open the doors.

"I love the friendliness. I've already had the next-door neighbors come over and say, 'Hi.' It's just a real family community," Witherspoon said.

The Draper James brand showcases southern sayings like "y'all" on tote bags and Witherspoon's new tailgate line.

Her style is proudly inspired by her Southern roots. The name Draper James honors her maternal grandparents, but there's a big Texas connection in her family tree, too.

"Actually, my family is from Midlothian, Texas. My grandfather grew up there, lots of Witherspoons there, and we would come in the summers and visit, and it was just a rally special place. I have a lot of relatives here, and it's meant a lot to me to have our second store in Dallas," she said.

Witherspoon said her fashion line is meant to make women's lives easier.

"I think women want to feel put together and they want to feel confident about the way they look, so that they don't have to have that on their mind: Am I under-dressed? Am I overdressed?" she said.

She hopes the dresses and other clothes in her collection take the worry out of what to wear.

"I try to design for people's lives, and particularly making women's lives easier – cute dresses that you can just throw on with a pair of heels and you can be done," Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon launched her Draper James brand online. She opened her first store in Nashville and always planned to bring her second store to Dallas.

"I'd heard so much about Highland Park Village from all of my friends who grew up in Dallas, so I called the owners of the shopping center and asked if they have space for me. And they happened to have space, so it was so exciting for us to have our second store here," she said.

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