Red Oak Police Honor Officers Who Saved Choking Child

Red Oak police officers to be awarded life saving award, meritorious conduct

Red Oak police are honoring two officers who earlier this month saved a young child who was choking.

Just before 3 p.m. Aug. 10, a woman called 911 to report a choking child. Officer Michael Fitzgerald was the first to arrive and noticed the child was conscious and breathing, but had something lodged in his throat. He tried to remove the object but was unable dislodge it from the boy's airway.

Lt. Richard Boone arrived and his body camera recorded him delivering strong pats to the boy's back, which dislodged the object. The boy can be then seen regurgitating the object and beginning to breathe normally.

A short time later EMS arrived and evaluated the child, who they said suffered no long term effects from the episode.

For their exemplary performance, Red Oak police said Fitzgerald will be receiving a Meritorious Conduct Award and Boone will receive a Life Saving Award.

See the department's redacted body cam video above.

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