Red Cross Shelter in Victoria Fills with Evacuees from Across Gulf Coast

The American Red Cross set up an emergency shelter inside the gym of St. Joseph High School in Victoria and by late afternoon Friday, it had already reached maximum capacity of 340 people.

Among the Hurricane Harvey evacuees was 102-year-old Ruth Johnson, taking shelter with her daughter and granddaughter. The three generations felt it was the safest place to be, with access to food, shelter and medical care for Ms. Johnson’s health needs.

The family has been through hurricanes before and they did not want to risk staying out there for this one, knowing it could be a long and dangerous haul.

“We trust in the lord, it’s just how long it’s gonna be,” said Johnson’s daughter Wilma Edwards. “We don’t want to wait too long for her to be away from her house.”

The folks in the shelter came in from all over the Texas Gulf Coast. The Mayor of Victoria says not too many people evacuated from the city itself so they’re expecting there may be another surge at the shelters.

There is a second shelter set up at the Bloomington Bobcat Dome at 200 N Leonard St. in Bloomington. Anyone going to seek shelter is advised to bring your own medications, food, water and blankets.

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