Red Cross North Texas Deploys Volunteers, Resources to East Coast Ahead of Florence

As the East Coast braces for the arrival of Hurricane Florence, the American Red Cross is working furiously to move resources and volunteers to the area. That includes several from North Texas.

By Tuesday morning, five emergency response vehicles and nearly a dozen volunteers had left Red Cross facilities in Dallas and Fort Worth, headed for North Carolina.

Once there, they will help provide meals to the various shelters the Red Cross has opened.

"Unfortunately, we've had a lot of real-life experience [responding to hurricanes] down along the Texas coast," said Dan Halyburton, a Red Cross volunteer who is part of the team being deployed to North Carolina. "But when Texas heads to North Carolina, we know what's going to happen on the ground. And the teams all come together."

Cathy Sager is also making the trip. This will be her first-ever deployment to a disaster zone.

"I would want somebody to do this for us if the table was turned," said Sager, who volunteers for the Red Cross North Texas. "We give back to the community."

Local Red Cross officials say it's highly likely they'll deploy additional volunteers and resources in the coming days.

Teams from other parts of Texas, including Texarkana, Wichita Falls, and Brownwood are also en route.

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