Red Cross Assisting Tornado Victims in Canton, Emory

The American Red Cross has set up two locations for those affected by Saturday’s storm: one at the First Methodist Church Life Center in Canton and a second at the Emory City Center in Emory.

“This is a traumatic event, and being able to be here and hear their stories and to offer them a drink and a warm blanket…it means the world to somebody who just lost everything,” said Clark Elerson, with the American Red Cross.

Patrick Watson was at the Canton shelter location on Sunday. He told NBC 5 that he has been without power since Saturday afternoon.

“We realize that our food that we do have is fixing to spoil, so we don’t have any food,” Watson said.

He was just one of the people seeking help at the shelter after the storm.

“It means a great deal to me, because it gives us somewhere to go and it gives us hope. It gives us an awful lot of hope…” he said.

Red Cross Shelter Locations

First Methodist Church Life Center
600 South Buffalo, Canton

Emory City Center
735 North Texas St., Emory

People can report a lost or found animal using the Facebook page of Nicholas Pet Haven. The shelter was set up at the Home Store located at 1190 S Trade Days Boulevard, in Canton.

Where to Drop Off Supplies

Texas Governor Greg Abbott asked for all donations of water and other supplies to be dropped off at the Canton Fire Department substation at 600 Industrial Boulevard.

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