Recent Violence Prompts Call to Action

Balloons were released Friday night for Brandoniya Bennett near the spot where she lost her life in East Dallas.

It marked the kick-off a seven-day commitment to non-violence and prayer in Dallas.

At a vigil inside the Roseland Apartments, family friends and community members gathered to remember Brandoniya Bennett.

People packed the gym - a visual representation of how deeply Bennett's story touched the community.

There was song, prayer and grief at the thought of a 9-year-old losing her life in the cross fire of a shooting police say started over a rap song.

Those who knew her said her death has to be the beginning of change.

"The tragedy of a child, of a 9-year-old little girl that hasn’t even begun to live life is devastating and heart wrenching and even still difficult to process," said Kea Westbrook, with Changing the Narrative, a summer program Bennett participated in.

The goal is seven days without violence, but as the adults looked at the faces of young children, they encouraged each other to go beyond seven days.

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