Real Housewives of Dallas Will Return for Third Season

The Real Housewives of Dallas will be returning for a third season, Bravo has confirmed.

Bravo reports that season three will premier at a "later date" with no specifics given, except that there will be more major drama... since everything, including the drama, is bigger in Texas.

When NBC 5 anchor Meredith Land sat down with the girls before season one in 2016, they revealed that none were actually from Dallas, but love living here now.

It may have taken some time for the show to come to North Texas, but the Real Housewives of Dallas have arrived.

"So you think you're making Dallas proud?" asked Land.

"Absolutely," Cary Deuber answered.

"We hope so," said LeeAnne Locken's friend Tiffany Hendra, who starred on season one, but only made guest appearances in season 2.

Real Housewives of Dallas Interview

"I think we are. I think we are," Stephanie Hollman said.

"I really think we do," said Deuber.

"In my opinion, I don't think that we took on this position or this role to represent Dallas in any way," Hendra said. "I think we each represent who we are as a person and I don't think that we ever wanted to represent Dallas or Dallas women. We are Dallas women, so we represent ourselves."

"I think we're a good representation of people who live here," Deuber added.

Real Housewives of Dallas cast member LeeAnne Locken was in the NBC 5 studios Monday to discuss the debut of the show.
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