Reaction to Mo3 Murder and Dallas PD Violent Crime Plan

Police to focus on neighborhoods where violence has occurred

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The brazen freeway murder of Dallas rapper Mo3 was a culminating point to the city’s 2020 rise in violent crime, which has police publicizing a targeted approach to neighborhoods with the most violence.

Police said a gunman jumped out of another vehicle on the I-35E R.L. Thornton Freeway near Marsalis Wednesday and chased after the rapper who got out of his car and tried to run away before he was killed.

The 28-year old hip-hop artist Mo3 was known to his family as Melvin Noble.

As he remembered his friend Thursday, Mo3’s Manager Brandon Rainwater was still stunned by the way Noble died.

“Never seen anything like this in broad daylight, on a busy, traffic interstate,” Rainwater said.

His manager said Noble grew up poor and never forgot where he came from, in his music and in his actions.

“When COVID first came, he went house to house, paying everybody's rent. He bought people shoes. He was a good-hearted person,” Rainwater said.

The manager blames jealousy for the social media posts that may offer police clues about who is responsible for Wednesday’s murder.

“A number of shootings and murder are occurring as a result of interaction on social media,” Dallas City Council Member Casey Thomas said.

Thomas represents a Southwest Dallas district which is among the areas police are targeting in stepped-up enforcement against rising violence.

“I think we're moving in the right direction with that. I think that's going to allow us to focus our resources,” Thomas said.

More than 210 homicides have occurred so far this year in Dallas, already ahead of the 2019 total.

Thomas said police must monitor social media and foster relationships in all Dallas communities to combat violence.

“Making sure that people feel comfortable knowing that if they see something they can say something and it won't be retaliated against,” Thomas said.

The councilman extended condolences to the rapper’s family and friends, who are caught up in this period of violence.

“I would like for the city to come together. I hate that he was an example,” Rainwater said.

His manager said royalties from his music will help support the three children Melvin Noble left behind.

Another driver on the freeway was wounded but survived.

Police had made no arrests in the murder on Thursday. They asked for information from the public that might help solve the crime.

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