Rats Infest Burleson Neighborhood

City says area is considered wetlands

People along Windy Meadows Drive in Burleson say their neighborhood is infested with rats the size of cats.

Mack Cook said the problem gets bad every night just after sunset -- and invited NBC 5 to witness the invasion.

We counted five rats in just two minutes and more than 20 others in the next 30 minutes.

They were everywhere -- in the trees, along the fence line and inside Cook's storage shed.

"It's getting worse than it was last year," Cook said. "I see them at night on the roof, coming through the gutters, down the downspout. ... This is like playtime for them."

Cook blames the city for not properly maintaining a drainage ditch that runs behind his house. It is not covered in concrete -- even though concrete covers the same ditch just one block away.

The area behind Cook's house is considered a wetlands and is legally protected from development, said Burleson spokeswoman Sally Ellertson.

The city mows the area monthly, she added.

Cook said city officials have suggested he hire an exterminator but he believes it's the city's responsibility.

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