Rats, Food and Swords Fly During Keller ISD Senior Pranks

School district says different pranks at three high schools did not cause property damage

Not everyone is laughing at the prank pulled off by seniors at three Keller district high schools.

A prank by Timber Creek High School seniors caused the most concern. Video obtained by NBC 5 shows students going into a main hallway and dumping liquid and baby oil on a floor, turning the area into a giant slippery surface.

They also released crickets, birds and rats in the school.

The seniors at Keller High School had a "Hunger Games"-themed prank with fake swords. In the ensuing melee, students hopped on lockers and threw flour on the floor.

And at Central High School, the students had a food fight. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that Fort Worth police were called to help calm things down.

Keller Independent School District spokesman Bryce Nieman said the pranks did not cause property damage.

"Keller ISD administrators are aware that some disruptive behavior occurred at Timber Creek High School and Central High School on Friday, May 25, as well as at Keller High School on Thursday, May 24, as a result of students engaging in 'senior pranks,'" Nieman said in a statement to NBC 5. "All situations were quickly controlled by district security personnel, local police officers and campus administration, and classes progressed as normal through the afternoon."

"Any disciplinary action resulting from these events will be handled by campus administration in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct or by law enforcement authorities where such involvement is necessary," the statement read.

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