Rare White Buffalo Remembered

Hundreds memorialized slaughtered, sacred animal.

His name is Lighting Medicine Cloud.

On Saturday the sacred rare white buffalo calf would have turned one years old. But instead of celebrating his first birthday, the Lakota Sioux Tribe is now mourning his death.

Arby Little Soldier is the owner of the Lakota Ranch in Hunt County.  It is where Lightning Medicine Cloud and his mother lived. Both were found mutilated, slaughtered and skinned during the first week of May.

Hundreds gathered in a tribal circle on Sunday.  Many left gifts and burnt offerings to honor the calf and his mother.

"He opened allot of hearts and he opened a lot of minds," said Arby Little Soldier. "He came in here strong from Buffalo Calf woman and our creator."

Many believe the calf was sent with a purpose from the spiritual Buffalo Calf Woman to unite the Indian nations.

"We were a starving people, we were having a hard time spiritually and she brought unity back to the Lakota Nation and all Indian Nations," said Arby Little Soldier.

"They disgraced our tribe, thinking our nation in what they did to us here, but what they did is just open the doors for unity for all people."

Multiple agencies are involved in finding the person or people responsible for killing the two buffalo. The reward now stands at $50,000.

An Oregon peacemaker is donating a white buffalo bull to the ranch. The animal, named Chief Hiawatha, now lives at an animal sanctuary in Oregon.

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