Rare Snowfall Brings Some Smiles in North Texas

The flurries started early Friday morning and just kept falling into the mid-afternoon hours across Denton, leaving a layer of powdery snow on the normally grassy Courthouse Square.

To some it was a cold, messy sight, but when it's a sight many haven't seen in nearly two years they couldn't help but take it in with a smile.

"It's just a nice change of pace," said Marissa Hunt, who took a break in her workday to come take some pictures on the snowy square. "Like, the 70 degree weather is nice and all, but it's nice to get that winter wonderland feel, especially in Texas."

Many took pictures while some tried to make snowballs, though they found little luck in the less than one inch that accumulated.

The last time Denton had a major winter weather event was in late February 2015. So while the temperatures in the teens weren't ideal, most said they were ready to make an exception for the overdue taste of winter.

Marissa and Mark Trujillo took the opportunity to introduce their 1-year-old son, Marshall, to his first romp through the snow. The little guy lost his footing a few times and felt just how cold the white stuff is, but he still had a big smile for the new experience.

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