Rapper ‘NaNa' Who Bragged of Crimes on Facebook, YouTube Gets 12 Years; Judge Says Evidence ‘Came Out of Your Mouth'

The judge says the evidence "came out of your mouth"

Nykees Earl Campbell wanted to rap about what was real. So he posted rantings in rap videos on YouTube and Facebook Live about his violent war with a rival gang, which played out with deadly consequences on the streets of Dallas.

It was exactly what prosecutors needed in their bid to give Campbell serious federal prison time. They say they matched up his words with actual crimes, including an ambush robbery in which he allegedly shot a man eight times while he was asleep in bed.

Campbell, 20, of Dallas, hasn't been charged with those crimes, although he remains a suspect. But U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn on Wednesday said the evidence prompted her to sentence Campbell, leader of the YNB Stretch Gang in South Dallas, to 12 years in federal prison.

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