Texas Rangers

Rangers Super Fans Recount Memories of Globe Life Park

Donna and Chuck Hogard aren't your casual Texas Rangers fans. They have half-season tickets and a whole room in their DeSoto home to show how much they love their hometown team.

"This one actually talks when you push a button," Donna Hogard said as she reached for a bobblehead from the cabinet. "It says, 'The Rangers are going to the World Series!'"

The couple has a collection of bobblehead, signed baseballs, opening day baseballs, baseball cards, programs, bats and more.

"She'll tell you I'm not even a fan," Chuck Hogard joked, when asked who was the bigger fan.

"Me by far," Donna admitted.

Donna said she has been a Rangers fan for 45 years. Her husband joined the fan club 27 years ago, not surprisingly, when they were married. They have mixed feelings about the team's move out of Globe Life Park.

"I describe it as sad happy," Donna said.

"The air conditioning will be nice, but baseball is supposed to be open air," Chuck said.

Donna was there with her daughter when the team won its first World Series game in 2010. They've also taken their dog to the ballpark. There's a picture to remember that too.

The couple said they'll be there for a new season in a new ballpark.

"A new start, something different, you know we need a little kick in the pants so-to-speak," Donna said. "Right now we're not doing real well. We haven't for the last few years. So maybe a new place will kind of jump start them."

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