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Rangers Reveal New Globe Life Field Renderings, Video Screen Info

The Texas Rangers unveiled new renderings of Globe Life Field Monday, the new ballpark currently under construction and expected to open in March 2020, along with details about the park's video board system and Chuck Morgan's new public address booth.

The Rangers said they are partnering with Daktronics, of South Dakota, to provide the displays throughout the stadium. The team said Monday the largest display will tower over right field and measure approximately 58 feet high by 150 feet wide. The display in left field will measure 40 feet high by 111 feet wide. Together, the two displays will provide fans with 13,000 square feet of entertainment and information.

"These displays feature a total of 5.2 million pixels for high-resolution images and it would take 1,220 60-inch televisions to cover both displays," the team said.

The team added that both outfield displays are capable of variable content zoning allowing each to show one large image or to be divided into multiple zones to show any combination of live video, instant replays, up-to-the-minute statistics, graphics and sponsorship messages.

“This system will feature a main video display that is beyond HD resolution using the latest SMD technology that is increasingly becoming standard in these large displays,” said Daktronics President and CEO Reece Kurtenbach. “Another eight displays in the bowl and an IPTV network of displays throughout the stadium creates a comprehensive solution of displays around the stadium to deliver an immersive experience for the fans. These technologies, powered by an innovative broadcast-quality control system and service expertise, will take the new home of the Texas Rangers to another level of game-day experience.”

The stadium will also have the standard ribbon display found in most modern parks, including Globe Life Park, though the one being installed at Globe Life Field will be 2.5 feet high and 925 feet long. At suite level, it'll be taller, at 3.5 feet, but only a run of 211 feet.

"Two displays using 6-millimeter line spacing will be installed on the field-level suite fascia behind home plate and the display in center field will feature a 15HD pixel layout and measure 80 feet high by 20 feet wide to provide additional information for fans and sponsors," the team said Monday. "The Texas Sky Porch will feature a 3.9-millimeter video wall display to connect with fans in the club area. The interview room will feature a 2.5-millimeter narrow pixel pitch display to highlight sponsors as a press conference backdrop."

The team said Morgan's new PA booth will be located on the main concourse behind home plate and have glass walls where fans can watch him call the game or interact with him during some down time.

Morgan, who has been the team's PA announcer since 1983 and also serves as the team's executive vice president of ballpark entertainment and production, said the Daktronics partnership will give Rangers fans the best possible entertainment for years to come.

The new 1.7 million square foot ballpark is located on 13 acres immediately south of the current team's park. The new stadium, with approximate seating capacity of 40,300, will include a retractable roof for climate control and shelter for fans during the hot summer months. The Rangers' current home, Globe Life Park, seats 49,115.

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