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Rangers, McConaughey Foundation Hold Special Event

The Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation and the just keep livin Foundation celebrated the fifth year of their partnership Monday.

Actor Matthew McConaughey was at the Texas Rangers Youth Ballpark to visit with about 60 students from Sam Houston, Pinkston and Eastern Hills high schools.

Students got to meet with McConaughey, engage in field day activities and give them some advice.

"When you gotta do that thing you don't want to do if you got to do it, you might as well try and enjoy doing it," McConaughey said. "And we have things every single day all of us, and these kids, no one likes to do homework but why do you do it? Because tomorrow if you don't, the teachers get mad and if you don't do it the next day, you don't pass your class, you don't pass the test, you don't move on. So we've got things we don't want to do in life and once you decide 'I'm going to sit and down and I have to do it,' we usually do it better and it goes by quicker if we go i'm going to find a way to enjoy doing this."

The Rangers Foundation announced the partnership with McConaughey and his foundation in 2011 to create an after-school program for students to encourage physical and mental health through exercise, teamwork, nutrition and community service.

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