Rangers Fans ‘Take It All In' for Final Game at Globe Life Park

One last tailgate.

One last walk from the parking lots up to that beautiful brick facade.

One last time passing through those big green iron gates.

16-year-old Dylan Collins wants to savor each of those moments.

"I'm trying to take it all in," said Collins, a Rangers fan from Fairvew. "Try to remember as much as I can for the last time."

His father Michael has been bringing him to games at Globe Life Park for as long as he can remember.

Michael has been coming for even longer. He was there on Opening Day in 1994, when "The Ballpark in Arlington" welcomed fans for the first time. He actually brought his ticket, program, and the newspaper from that day with him Sunday -- for memory's sake.

"Because you always like to go back and remember the feelings you had at that particular time," Michael Collins said.

They've had season tickets for years. And from the moment they learned this would be Globe Life Park's final season, there was no question where they would be Sunday.
"I bought these [season] tickets so my boys and I could come to the games," Michael Collins said. "It's been family affair the whole time. All the memories of all the times I've been here with my's gonna be quite interesting."

Rachel Clark can relate.

"I bought a flight Friday afternoon, got here at 1:30 in the morning [Saturday], came [Saturday] night, and then I'm here today."  

She flew in from Phoenix to be at the game -- a last minute decision she made as she was posting about the ballpark on social media earlier this week. The emotions hit her that hard.

"I was part of the parade to take home plate from the old Rangers stadium to this one," Clark said. "I was at the All-Star Game, at the October 22, 2010 game, so this is home away from home from me. I HAD to be here."

It's been a home away from home for many baseball fans. And while they're eager to see what life at the new Globe Life Field will be like, Sunday was all about celebrating their ballpark -- one last time.

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