Rangers Fans Stunned at Ron Washington's Departure

As the news of Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington's resignation hit the sports world Friday afternoon, no one was as surprised as Rangers fans.

"I was shocked! I really was. I'm really sorry to see him go. I mean, I know the ball club is not doing too well, but we all love Ron," said season ticket holder Kelli McElroy.

"Just his energy and the way he was with the fans and players, he was real and there was nothing fake about him," agreed fan Keith Black.

Fans at Globe Life Park in Arlington on Friday said they were aware of talk about Washington leaving at some point, but didn't expect it now.

"I just found out driving up here," said fan Doug Arnold. "I'm shocked. I'm a Ron Washington fan. He had his limitations, but I'm gonna miss him. I thought he'd at least last out the season."

"Just watching him get excited: he was so fun to watch him doing that arm and that little dance," said McElroy.

Even Rangers pitcher Derek Holland was stunned at the news.

"It blindsided me real bad. I didn't see it coming at all. The best way to look at it, it's like losing your dad," he said.

"I'm real close with Wash on and off the field. You couldn't ask for a better man to help you out with everything when you get up to the big leagues," Holland said. "He's taught me so much and to see him go, there may not be any words to describe it. It's out there."

Fans said they want Washington to know they’re here to support him.

"It feels like we would like to know what's going on personally, so maybe we could help him. Or at least send him our best wishes for whatever he's going through in his personal life," McElroy said.

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