Rallies Clash Outside of President Trump's Roundtable Discussion

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While President Donald Trump hosted a discussion inside Gateway Church of Dallas, tensions arose outside. Two opposing groups faced off. One group was in support of the President and his visit, while the larger group outside of the church was very much opposed.

The rallies remained peaceful as the groups were separated by barricades and law enforcement.

On the side of supporters, some weighed in on the current social movement. Many Trump supporters on that side said they saddened by the death of George Floyd but would not go as far as chanting “Black lives matter.” Instead, some of them chose to chant “all lives matter.”

"I have no issue with the peaceful protests. What really bothers me and concerns me is all the looting, the burning, the defacing of monuments and all those things going on." said Kyle Sims. "I don't see what that has to do with the peaceful protests for the death of George Floyd."

On the side opposing President Donald Trump’s arrival, they said their objection wasn’t just about the president’s visit. Emotions spilled over from several days of marches and rallies in response to Floyd’s death.

"First of all, we don't want this President to be reelected, and hopefully the next one will be more tolerant to the things that are impacting us, not only in the present, but that have been happening for years," said Roberto Marquez.

The President’s roundtable discussion lasted more than an hour. During that time, many of his supporters left the area, while protesters stayed behind.

And as President Trump rode away in his motorcade protesters were still there, making sure he was at least able to see, if not hear, their message.

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