Raising Them Right: Cowboys’ Youngest Fans

The tailgating started early for the Cowboys’ home opener versus the New York Giants on Sunday. Nearly 12 hours before kickoff, fans staked out their spots ready for another season of pro football.

But among the throngs of adults, grills and parties, the youngest cowboys fans were in full force. Including Gabriel Barrientes, 11, who said he's been a Cowboys fan since he was born

It seems kids in North Texas don’t have much of a choice, not that they’re angry about it. When it comes to cheering for a pro football team, you only get one pick.

“There was always Cowboys stuff around the house,” said Barrientes.

And if he tried to root for someone else?

“She’d [his mother] stick a Cowboy hat on me and get one of these and stick it on my face,” he said pointing to his face stickers.

Sarah Riviera was born in Wisconsin but said she’s always been a Cowboys fan because of her Texas family. On Sunday she flew down with her 9-year-old daughter, Siarah, to show her what it’s all about.

“She’s really excited about it,” exclaimed Riviera.

One dad said he’s even thinking long term.

“You have to start them young because you have to raise them right. And as a father, I have to make sure my daughter isn’t marrying anybody that’s not a Cowboys fan. It’s just a must,” he said.

His 5-year-old daughter, Adriana, seems to be getting the hang of things.

“Every time I say, ‘What time is it?’ He says, ‘It’s game time!”

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