North Texas

Rainy Weather Adds to North Texas Road Problems

Steady rain Monday added to problems on North Texas roads already heavily pocked with potholes.

Jason Dalton said his daily hour commute from Denton to Duncanville has been more than twice that long lately.

“Nobody wants to tear up their car. And that’s what you see happening when people go over these things too fast. Some areas up here on [Interstate] 35 it’s really bad,” he said.

Serafin Luna said his commute from Garland to Irving has also been about twice as long as usual because of potholes.

“It’s very tough to get around them out there,” he said. “They got really, really bad, especially on I-30. Every time I go home it’s so hard to avoid all those potholes.”

Road repair crews in several cities made cold patch repairs on the worst potholes Monday with more permanent fixes to follow in drier weather.

“Crews are ongoing as we speak, repairing potholes and eliminating hazards,” said Arlington Public Works Operations Manager Bill Bateman.

Road crews have pulled long shifts through the rash of winter weather and there’s more work to do.

“They get worn out and tired, that’s for sure,” Bateman said.

Sand used on bridges and overpasses was not entirely washed away in Monday’s steady rain and several cities have plans to use sweepers when the rain stops.

Many drivers look forward to clean, dry roads and the right time for a car wash.

“It’s impossible to keep your vehicle clean right now,” said Dalton. “I thought it was going to be a good day Saturday but then you look at the weather and it’s going to rain again today and it rained on Sunday, too.”

Bateman said Arlington had already started sweeping up sand Saturday before the rain.

“We’ll have to do more sweeping,” he said. “We do everything we can to try to keep things out of the storm sewer system. We don’t try to depend on the rain.”

Expect sweepers and pothole patching crews all across North Texas as the weather improves.

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