Rain Spells Muddy Mess at Dallas Mixmaster Construction Zone

The Dallas Mixmaster reconstruction area was a muddy mess in Friday's heavy rain. Also known as The Horseshoe Project, the Interstate 30/Interstate 35-E replacement is a messy construction zone even in dry weather.

"This is the 'Mess Master,' not the Mixmaster. The 'Mess Master,'" said driver Saundra Stanton.

Several old ramps are now closed. Detours replace some of them, and drivers must navigate new permanent ramp replacements open for others.

Then, Friday's rain made matters worse.

Stanton said she can't keep her car clean driving around Riverfront Boulevard and through the Mixmaster.

"It's a sloppy mess. It's messy. You don't know which way to go. People are blowing at one another. And if you come through here with a clean car you're going to leave with a messy car," Stanton said.

Regular Mixmaster-area driver Larry McKinney said big potholes are another problem.

"And then we have a problem with the drainage system in the low-lying areas," he said.

Barriers with plastic material along Riverfront Boulevard are intended to keep runoff material from clogging storm drains.

Covers are placed on the drains to protect them from construction debris, but those covers are supposed to be removed when rain is in the forecast. Several covers were still on storm drains Friday afternoon near the city of Dallas Riverfront Boulevard construction site for a new storm water pump.

The new Able pump station will replace a smaller one to improve drainage in the Mixmaster area.

The old pump failed to move storm water into the Trinity River fast enough in past storms.

Until the new roads and drainage system are finished, Dallas Mixmaster drivers are more likely to encounter unexpected street flooding in heavy rain.

"My advice to them is be very careful and be aware," McKinney said.

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