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Railroad Intersection Cameras Aim to Save Lives and Fuel

The 24-hour video surveillance will help first responders, school bus drivers and the public

Emergency personnel and residents in Prosper have a new tool to help plan their routes and avoid delays.

The city of Prosper announced Tuesday the installation of cameras at three railroad intersections: Frontier Parkway, First Street and Prosper Trail.

The wide-angle video collected from the cameras is sent to emergency dispatch centers to help personnel arrive at the scene faster.

"We obviously do not have control over the train schedules," Prosper Fire Chief Stuart Blasingame said. "What we can do is keep watch on the trains as they pass and sometimes stop within the town."

The city installed the cameras for emergency personnel, but schools and residents may also take advantage of the service to dodge trains, save fuel and avoid frustration.

The 24-hour video images can be viewed on the Prosper Fire Department's website.

Construction for an overpass on Frontier Parkway will eventually eliminate the intersection, but the project is several years from completion, according to the press release.

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