Racist Letter Mailed To Dallas Taco Stop

A profane, racist letter was sent to the Taco Stop in Dallas

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The Taco Stop in Dallas is known for its good food and good work in the community.

But apparently not everyone is a fan.

The restaurant recently received a profane, racist letter in the mail.

Now, the community is coming to its defense.

For five years, customers have donated coats for people in need.

“People are kind when they have the space to be kind and the opportunity to be kind and that's really all that matters,” said owner Emilia Flores.

Now, in addition to coats, customers are delivering well wishes after Flores received a letter criticizing the program which has received national attention.

“Why would you attack something that is helping other people?” Flores asked.

The anonymous, typewritten message reads:

"Saw your [sic] Taco Stop on the weather Ch. asking for coats to give out! Just a way to drum up more business for your [sic] tacos. Go get a REAL job…BEtter yet…. go back across the Border !!!"

“It’s surprising that people take the time to do something that is meaningless,” Flores said.

Customers are now coming out of the woodwork to donate coats, and they’re calling on others to do the same.

“The best way to counter that hate is with love,” said customer Don Needler.

“It bothers me because she’s not doing wrong to nobody,” said customer Jesus Rios.

“I wanted to run here to show my support to buy a sandwich and I’ll drop off a coat later on tonight,” said customer John Barber.

The hate mail was postmarked from New Orleans on December 26. It’s unknown who sent it.

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