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Racial Incidents at Braum's and Whataburger Spark Protests in Fort Worth

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Demonstrators took to the streets in East Fort Worth Wednesday after two separate incidents at fast-food restaurants barely a mile apart.

The first was at the Braum's on Bridge Street Monday night, which was recorded and posted on Facebook.

The video shows a Braum's manager calling a group of Black men a racial slur.

The video has more than 10,000 views and has resulted in the employee being fired from the store.

"The events and language that were used by the former employee are not what Braum's stands for or allows," Braums told NBC 5. "Again, our sincerest apologies go out to our customers and community."

Kiemorian McDade was with his 4-year-old son and a friend, Alex Singleton Monday night when they say a Braum’s manager followed them to the parking lot, upset that they had left trash on a table.

"He walks up to the car, starts slandering us and things of that nature," Singleton said.

The video shows the employee used profanity, and then clearly called them a racial slur.

"In front of my 4-year old? My 4-year-old son! You're going to say that?" McDade said.

The second incident happened Tuesday at the nearby Whataburger on Brentwood Stair.

An employee, Makiya Congious, 19, said she was fired Tuesday for wearing a Black Lives Matter mask at work.

She recorded the conversation with her manager.

"Whataburger doesn't want to get into anything political because we're just hamburgers and fries, right?" the manager said.

Upset, Congious tried to quit and give two weeks' notice.

The manager told her to leave right away.

"You know what? We accept it and you don't have to come back at all,” the woman was recorded saying.

The manager then called the police, Congious said.

"It didn't make sense at all,” she said.

In the largely Black neighborhood, she said she had received compliments on her mask but was fired after one white customer complained.

"If you can walk around the whole town with your mask on, why does it matter? It's something of meaning to us,” Congious said.

Whataburger issued a statement late Wednesday.

“Whataburger supports racial equality,” the statement said. “This is simply a matter of enforcing our uniform policy. Whataburger employees are provided company-issued masks.”

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