Race in DFW: What Do You Think?

We want you to take part in an upcoming special series on race relations

NBC 5 is working on an exciting and interactive project on Race Relations in Dallas/Fort Worth and we want you to take part.

We're asking you to read the following questions and use an iPhone, iPad or any other video recorder to shoot video of yourself sharing your thoughts on modern-day race relations.  Please keep videos shorter than 3 minutes in length.  Then, upload your answers to NBC 5 and we may use them for on air or online stories. 

Here are the questions to think about when giving your answer:

1. What is your first memory (good or bad) of recognizing racial differences?
2. How would you rank race relations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?
3. What is something unfairly linked to your race?
4. What is something you'd like to ask a person of another race, but are too embarrassed to ask?
5. Interracial marriages are on the rise. But when it comes to interracial dating, a study shows white Americans are less likely to take part. And African-American women and Asian-American men are less likely to be choosen as potential mates.  Why do you think that's the case?

Send all of your videos to isee@nbcdfw.com or you can upload them here.

You don't have to but please include your name, hometown and racial background if you think its important. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any story ideas or resources you want us to know about, please email newstips@nbcdfw.com

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