Race In DFW: The Facts

North Texas is Racially Diverse and Growing

Here are some facts from the US Census and the North Central Texas Council of Governments that may interest you:

1.7 million North Texans are Hispanic

969,000 North Texans are African-American

342,000 North Texans are Asian-American

According to the US Census: Between 2000 and 2010, Texas joined California, the District of Columbia, Hawaii and New Mexico in having a "majority-minority" population, where more than 50 percent of the population was part of a minority group.

According to the The Asian American Advertising Federation (3AF), between 2000-2010, the Asian-American population in Texas grew by 71 percent.

DFW International, a group that tracks immigrants, reports that 44 percent of North Texans are immigrants or the children of immigrants.

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