Race for Congressional District 32 Could Get Expensive

Early voting in the primary runoff begins next Monday. One race that is getting a lot of attention is the race for Congressional District 32, the seat currently held by Representative Pete Sessions.

Colin Allred and Lillian Salerno have been working to get the Democratic nomination for months.Whoever gets the nod could get help from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which is targeting the seat.

The committee already has an organizer here on the ground. According to Roll Call, a Democratic Super PAC has already reserved $2.2 million for television ads in Dallas.

Looking ahead to the general election Dallas County Democratic Chairwoman Carol Donovan knows it will be expensive.

“I would be very surprised if the candidates each were not raising half a million dollars each," Donovan said. "But it’s probably going to be more even more than that when you count the outside money coming in. By outside I mean the groups who have particular issues that they are interested in."

But Congressman Sessions is the former chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, which recruits and defends Republican House seats. He knows fundraising well.

Sessions already has more than $1.5 million in the bank and has a local party ready to work with him.

“Pete Sessions heard I was going to be there, and he was like, let’s get together, and boom. We are working together every single moment, and we are not taking a day for granted,” said Dallas County Republican Chairwoman Missy Shorey said.

We reached out to the NRCC about their plans in the race, and was told NRCC does not make spending commitments this early in the cycle.

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