Quinn Breaks Down Doors With Denton SWAT

Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn was in Denton on Wednesday learning some skills he first tried out the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi.

As many people remember, Quinn got locked inside a bathroom at the Olympic village. When he could not get help he broke through the door. The photo of the destroyed door became viral on social media.

The Denton Police Department SWAT team thought it might be good for Quinn to really learn how to break down a door, so they invited him to their tactical range to learn how.

“We thought it would be fun just to have him out and show him how the SWAT team breeches doors rather than how he did it by kicking it out,” said Denton Police Department spokesperson Ryan Grelle.

Before learning the right way to knock down a door, Quinn explained to SWAT members what he did to get through the door in Sochi.

“I had to make sure to make a hole big enough to get through without a towel,” said Quinn.

SWAT team members then erected two doors for Quinn to practice breaking down. They brought out all of the tools they use to gain entrance during difficult situations.

“Are you ready?” asked Quinn before breaking down his first door at the range. “A little easier than Sochi.”

SWAT members also showed Quinn how they use explosives to breech doors and also allowed him to shoot some of the firearms they use.

Everyone at the Denton Police Department is grateful Quinn stopped by for a visit.

"Of course, everyone is proud of him,” said Grelle. “Hope he does great, whatever he decides after that, if he wants to go back in four years."

“First of all, we are really proud of him for representing the Mean Green,” said SWAT commander Roger White. “I guess just go Mean Green.”

Quinn called the training session a fun experience that he hopes will aid him in his next journey as he competes in American Ninja Warrior.

However, he said the real treat was getting a first-hand look at the intense training the officers go through.

"I'm very impressed with their training and these guys are the real heroes," Quinn said. "To come out here with the guys that serve and protect us, it's been a humbling experience."

SWAT officers were impressed with Quinn’s skills as well especially on the rifle range where they say he was hitting the target dead-on from every distance.

Officer Grelle said the Denton SWAT team has won national awards for their training regimen. Quinn ran about a quarter of their regular program.

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